Adding pauses BETWEEN core piston actions


How do you add a pause BETWEEN actions in core pistons.

In my specific case, My piston monitors 3 different conditions in my garage. When all three are ‘true’ my THEN ‘Action’ turns a momentary switch on which closes the garage door. I can do this part easily, Then I want to know the state of the door after 10 seconds when the door has had a chance to close (or fail in which case it would stay open). How do add a 20 second delay between actions.

Here’s my example:

-> Garage door contact is open
-> Garage door contact temperature is below 32 degrees
-> No Motion has been sensed in the garage for 15 minutes

-> Turn on Garage Closer (remember this takes 10 seconds or so)
-> Wait 15 seconds
-> Send ‘Failure’ SMS notification if contact is ‘OPEN’

Now…I have more to it but this is where it fails- When the 3 triggers are ‘true’ the ‘Action’ of closing the door is triggered. WITHIN A COUPLE SECONDS I get a ‘failure’ SMS notification. Obviously, the piston is not waiting 15 seconds to check the state of the contact. It is my belief that piston is executing all 3 actions almost simultaneously.

What I want to do with my ‘THEN’ is this:

–> Turn on garage closer
–> Wait 15 Seconds
–> Send SMS (based on the condition of the contact sensor AFTER 15 seconds has elapsed.

Again, I want to add a ‘wait’ action BETWEEN my actions… I think I want an ‘If-Then-Then if’ piston. Am I going about this wrong? My other thought is that my ‘ACTION’ could be a ‘follow up’ piston or another ‘If-Then’ piston that would get triggered. Thoughts?

Thanks - Jim

My guess is that you have split your actions up into individual Actions. The text needs to be all under the same location action.

Here is an example. If all the above is true then it turns on a garage Heater, waits 30 minutes and then turns it off. But everything is under the using garage Heater.

I would set it to…

Wait 15 Seconds
Follow up with New piston.

Have the DO piston check the state of the garage and send a notification based on result.