Still Cannot Find Perfect Dimmer Switch

Configuration is usually an administrative process

Being able to set device parameters for various Switch preferences through firmware configuration does not necessarily mean you can change those values on the fly based on things like time of day. It usually means you can run a one time configuration step which then saves those values in the switch, but they don’t have schedules and they require physical manipulation of the switch to save the values each time. So I don’t think that’s going to do what you want in those cases.

Different switches, different features

The Leviton form factor is definitely unusual, but that’s for the older devices. Their newest Z wave plus switches have the rocker style where you tap at the top for on and at the bottom for off. :sunglasses:

You can find some more information on different switches in the device class FAQ, but again, I don’t know of any that meet the requirements that you set out. It’s easy to do if the lights are changed based on an automation controlled by the system, including the lights coming on because of a motion sensor or time of day. But I don’t know of one that saves the schedule for manual operation of the switch on the wall. The light switch discussion starts around post 40.

Many people do control the brightness of the light based on time of day, we do at my house, but those are lights that are triggered by a motion sensor.

The multibutton device option

People do use a multi button wall switch for this purpose, with button presets for different levels of light, and then when they manually use the switch they just hit the button that is associated to the preset that they want. Some of those are battery powered, so you can use the regular Z wave switches to control the current, and use the multibutton device for preference whereever you want to put it. But I don’t know if adding a second device would meet your requirements.