STHM and webcore, bidirectional status change connection, how?

I am trying to create bidirectional connection between STHM and webcore using virtual switche as suggested in most cases around forum in here. I would like to be able to change my Virtual switch “Alarm” to on/off when STHM changes in new Smartthings app, and reverse to change STHM in new smartthings app, when VS"Alarm" changes by webcore piston.

I created one virtual switch named “Alarm” and 4 automations in Smartthings new App like following:

  1. if VS “Alarm” is on, change STHM to Arm(away)
  2. if VS “Alarm” is off, change STHM to Disarmed
  3. if STHM is Arm(away), change VS"Alarm" to on
  4. if STHM is Disarmed, change VS"Alarm" to off

The problem with those automations is that they do not work reliable and often STHM status goes back to previous state even if I tries to change it in smartthings app. The status jumps back and forth.

I believe it is due to those 4 automations not being correctly parsed as I would expect.

Have anyone overcome this problem and have been able to create bidirectional STHM status change between SmartThings New App and webcore?

Which DTH are you using for your switch? Are yiu using ‘virtual switch’ or ‘Simulated Switch’

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As @nathancu mentioned, there was a platform change recently which broke some of the virtual switches, particularly those that were stateless. Changing to the DTH which is called “simulated switch“ solves the issue for most people.

See the following discussion:

I am using “Virtual Switch”.

Swith it to simulated switch. Virtual switch is stateless and leads to a race condition when you try to do these two way synchronizations. After yiu make the change see if the ‘unreliability’ on the sync gets better.

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That helped indeed. Thanks a lot for good advice.

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