State Icons have Disappeared?


Everything is working fine with my system except for some reason the icons showing the current state in the ‘Recently’ tab for a thing have disappeared :

Anyone else encountered this? - if so how is it rectified?


Same thing but here is something weird. I’m using the Konnected system with a custom contact open/close handler ( In that handler, so I can use custom open/close displays, I have changed the tile to be called displayContact instead of contact but I still update the actual contact to maintain the contact capability. However my recent list shows both:

I.e. the “standard” contact is no longer updating with the icon but my custom contactDisplay is updating correctly still. I’m also using the old Android app, v2.5.1, because it has the old slider that works better, so it doesn’t appear to be a app update issue.

With that said my generic (EcoLink) tilt sensor is showing all the icons like normal as is my SmartSense motion sensor. So its only certain devices.


This was happening yesterday here. I was investigating, and I could not get some states to update. Causing other errors in the system since I rely on states for other actions.

It would appear to be fixed?

Well it is on my phone anyway - hopefully same for you guys …