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I want to say - I don’t believe your hub went bad. A few users have been reporting the same issue over the past few weeks. Provided you didn’t make any changes recently such as add any new devices or move devices… then I will leave this for others to fill in as to why.


Jan 10th everything was fine than boom offline. There were no updates no firmware that I’m aware off just stopped working I tired different drivers also. The GE ones for Jacob 30? NOTHING

My “old” Z-Wave switches (mostly GE/Jasco at this location) are still running quite dependably.

@jkp is right, but simply running Z-Wave exclusion doesn’t do it. When in exclusion mode, you must exclude each device by following the instructions for the particular device: often just toggling a switch or two or perhaps clicking a button on the device.

Just to be sure–and save you some trouble–have you done that individually to each device? They may be perfectly usable…

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Yep tried it on everything. Can even find them to exclude them. Wiped the hub clean. Everything will install fine expect for z wave devices. So I’m totally moving away from z wave. Expect for smoke detectors really don’t have an option to replace them. Are there other ones out there that work with wifi or matter?

i took screen shots

When the hub is in “general exclusion” mode–activated from Z-Wave Utilities, not from the exclude device option & tapping the minus sign on the device tile–it can exclude a device, i.e., reset it so it can be “found” by a hub. It doesn’t matter if the device is included by the hub, leftover from another installation, or purchased used: it can effectively tell the device it is no longer associated with a hub and is free to be “found” by a new/different hub.

Did you use the general exclusion? (Go to your hub in the app, click the three dot menu in upper right, tap settings, and select Z-Wave Utilities).

Just checking! Hope to save you some grief and expense in replacing devices that may be fully capable of more use!

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Nothing except Z wave with a native smartthings integration. And nothing with matter at all. If you’re willing to use Alexa or ifttt or HomeKit as an intermediary, there are some options.

Otherwise, community developers have created edge Drivers for several different inexpensive zigbee Smoke Sensors, but personally, I wouldn’t rely on those for safety, maybe just additional convenience notifications.

If you start a new topic with the title “any Zigbee smoke sensors working with edge Drivers?” you’ll probably get several responses.

Make sure you say what country you are in as the device selection does vary.

there are also a few Wi-Fi smoke sensors, which can be flashed with Tasmota firmware, and then used with the following edge driver. The same caveats apply to those.

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The biggest thing that I still don’t understand is why one switch one z wave switched worked and nothing else did. Maybe it was the first in the chain of mesh z wave? Than all the unknown devices?

As @jkp mentioned, at least three or four community members have posted in the last 10 days that an a large number, or sometimes even all, of their Z wave devices suddenly failed. That doesn’t sound like a coincidence. I think they all had V2 hubs, also, although I don’t know if that’s relevant. All of the people reporting had talked to support but not gotten any help there. :man_shrugging:t2:

About 1/4 of my zwave devices offline since yesterday (Jan 2024)