Starting over

I gave up. I have ordered a new hub. Time for upgrades anyway my stuff is 6-7 years old. Have new hub coming and new plugs and switches. Will I be able to use my old email address or is it going to be better to use a different one? Will things still be in the cloud?

You can use your existing Samsung account so if that uses your old email address then you are good to go! There is no need to create a new account.

SmartThings does require the cloud. Directly connected devices can execute locally on the hub using Edge drivers. But, there is a but… using Routines/Scenes may not always run locally depending on how they are set up.

Here are things that cause Routines to run in the cloud:

  • Lighting Groups
  • Member Location
  • Devices from cloud->cloud integrations
  • Notification actions
  • Weather triggers
  • STHM triggers and actions
  • “Any Day” time precondition
  • Cloud virtual devices
  • Devices on two different hubs
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I’d love to know if things on the hub still run locally even when ST themselves have issues on their end, or, god forbid, shut down.

if it is Shut down… you would need to find another platform because the App requires the cloud (at this time).

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In addition, SmartThings staff have said that the hub itself expects to check in periodically with the cloud (my guess is once every 24 hours, but I’ve never tested it), and without that, things may start to get flaky.

There are other systems from other companies that are designed to run locally and can continue even if that company goes out of business, but smartthings just isn’t designed that way.


I just don’t want old things up in the cloud. I want to start fresh. If I get a new hub and log into the current email I am using I want to make sure there will be nothing from the old hub still in the cloud or my better off using another email address?

reset your old hub and use the Advanced Web App to wipe everything out and continue with the existing account.

or login to the ST app, tap on Menu, Settings and choose “Leave SmartThings” to wipe out your account and all data and start fresh with a new account.


Thanks. I gave up trying to get my z wave devices to work. Like I said everything is going on 6 to 7 years now time to upgrade Only z wave i will have left are the first alert smoke detectors. Fingers crossed with the new hub it will work. I’m still on old V2

V2 is still a good hub. The only missing feature is a thread radio compared to the newer hubs.

which z-wave devices were you having problems with? brand/model? problems that you encountered? I ask because I don’t want you to get a new hub and end up in the same position.


Good News Department: this has changed just recently, @jkp :grinning:, it is now possible for a Routine to “call” a Scene and still run locally. This was promised a while back and I noticed yesterday several Routines I had that executed a Scene (Manually Run Routine, a misnomer!) were now exhibiting the little house icon indicating locally run. I updated several more routines–in some cases, simply editing the name & saving–and found the routine was now all local.

Yay, they finally got it right! :yum:

Disclaimer: the Scene must be local to start with, of course.


anything Z wave. GE plugs, GE switches, Leviton Switch , smoke detectors. All my z wave devices were off line expect for 1. No clue why one still worked and non of the other ones did. Smartthing customer service was no help. All zigbee devices worked fine. Phillip hues worked fine. Kasa tp-link stuff worked fine. I would run z wave repair and get tons of device not found. (ghost devices) So today i reset the hub hard reset and can’t reinstall anything z wave. I went to look and I have no z wave drivers. So i gave up

have you run z-wave exclusion on them before attempting to pair them?

yep and can’t find them
no device found so i can’t exclude them it’s like the are not there offline

The z-wave devices going offline has been happening to some users recently. if you go to the Advanced Web app, does the z-wave radio show as functional?

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I order new plugs new hub and going to matter for switches. Time to upgrade. Only thing that will be z wave will be the smoke detectors I’m not upgrading those. My contact sensors are ZigBee and they connect fine so I’m sure with new hub they will also

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Yep even support was like you z wave radio is active. I was like yep

you are upgrading to the Aeotec hub?

yes is that the best? Matter device. Leviton fan switches, Kasa plugs but those i didn’t get with matter. I would keep everything Kasa but i’m tired of waiting on the fan switch for kasa even though it is supposed to be out this month

it is your only option since you have the z-wave smoke detectors. Just checking that you didn’t get the Station that does not have a z-wave radio.

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Yeah I looked some of my switches are from 2017. I tried the hard reset to see if I could get the device to work again but I can’t reinstall them. I have factory reset tripped the breaker did all that nothing. Maybe my hub went bad? I have no clue cause like I said I had one device that still worked out of like 15 hubs and plugs.