Starting out in smart things?

So I’m starting in this whole Smartthings and SmartHome shennanigans and I’m rather fascinated by it. Simply want to know if there are any kind of tutorials or documentation on integrating self-built devices with the SmartThings Ecosystem.

As an example, I was planning on creating a self opening and closing motorized window as a DIY project and wanted to know if and how could I go about integrating it with the SmartThings Hub, so I could, say, enable one of my rooms to go into cinema mode which closes the windows, blind, turns the AC on, etc.
Is it possible to do this?

I would recommend start by searching the forum for keywords. Most likely you’ll find a lot of information and solutions. Then you can post your questions on the relevant topics for additional information.


Yes, in multiple ways

As said above have a read the forum is full of useful information

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There’s a lot of great information in the forums, but to be honest, the search kind of sucks. :scream:

Fortunately, the community-created wiki has quick browse lists which will enable you to much more quickly find the forum threads on topics you are interested in. :male_detective:t3:‍♀

For example, there is a thread on window coverings (and motorized windows) in the project report section of the quick browse lists. So you can see what other people have done.

Also, the very first list under the “project reports” section is the “get started“ list which has a number of topics you will probably find of interest. :sunglasses:

Look down near the bottom of the following page for the “project reports“ section.

Since it sounds like you have a technical/maker background, you may also find the technical welcome letter of interest:

one option to consider if you know how to write some code is the new SmartThings Device Kit

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More about the new platform:

This is just 1 way: