Any idea how can I connect the blinds and shutters motors to smartthings? I haven’t found such switch which officially works with ST

There’s nothing official, but quite a few community members have done different kinds of projects for window coverings.

If you check the quick browse this in the community – created wiki and look for the list in the project section for window coverings, you’ll be able to see what other people have done.

There’s also a window coverings list under smart apps, so that would be worth looking at too, it might take you to some different threads.

Just be aware that anything that refers to the SmartThings thingshield won’t work because that device has been discontinued. But there are a number of other devices that people are using.

If you want to automate an existing dumb window blind, and if you’re a bit handy, look here, it’s really cool.

And if you haven’t purchased anything for your windows yet, there is this as well:

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