Starting Brand New with Smart Home - Looking for Insights on Resources and from Your Experiences

As far as different switches and features, see the following thread. The light switch discussion starts around post 35, with brand details in post 42.

You’re going to hear me say this a lot, but it’s still true: different things work for different people, and different use cases.

If your number one priority is reliability, you’re going to choose a different brand than if your number one priority is “value.”

It’s very much like cars. Some people will choose a top line BMW, some people will choose a Honda Civic. And they might both be very happy with their choice.

There’s hardly ever a one best brand/model. It’s almost always a matter of fitting your particular needs for specific use case and budget with the available features and cost.

Many people choose SmartThings specifically because it’s a very inexpensive system. So they come into it with the budget mindset.

Like most home electrical devices, home automation devices typically fall into good/better/best tiers.

In this community, you’ll often find that the “good” devices are the most popular just because they’re the cheapest. People don’t necessarily worry about whether one device will last two years and another will last five. They just go “look what I found for $14!” :wink:

So the more specific you can be about your own needs and preferences, the more helpful other people can be with recommendations.

Also, we really do need to know what country you live in. This community has members from all over the world, but the device selections do differ even between the US and Canada.