Deal alert

The Starter Kit is currently £99.99 at Maplin.

If you shop in store (rather than online) you can get another 10% off if you have an NUS Extra card, making the kit £90.

Quite a bargain, I expect they’ll sell out fast.

Hope some UK users find this useful.

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They are also giving 10 pound voucher if you spend over £80

Even better!

WOW i thought mine was good at 130’ish from maplins

I wonder whether they are discontinuing the line? (Maplin, not Samsung!)

They have only just got it - Home automation seems to be the thing now. New store opened here in the summer its all about alexa, google home, nest etc

At that price, it’s almost worth buying the kit… even if you don’t need the hub

The price of the other components add up to more than £100.

I’m tempted because I could use another repeater (which is about all I would use the socket for)
Having spare movement, presence & door sensors might be useful.

Or it might be fun to use the second hub as a testbed… Hmmm…

Or maybe not…

After convincing myself I wanted to play with another hub…



A few of my local stores seem to have reservable stock - just try a few others, you might get lucky.

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Nearest one to me is 20 miles…
I was only going to buy one to ‘play’ with anyway :slight_smile:
It just saved me £100