Standalone "tower fan" compatible with Z-Wave

I know I can just buy a AC control outlet, but wondering if anyone knows of a regular tower fan that can be controlled by ST?


I connected a couple of 5V USB fans (from CoolerGuys) to a MIMOlite switch inserted in the Red power line of a USB power plug for my AVR. I use a SmartThings Multi to measure the heat on top of the AVR, and a SMartApp turns on the fans when it gets warm, and off after it cools, using a modified version of the Virtual Thermostat so I can do “On at 83, off at 79”…

I’m not familiar with any fans that include Z-Wave technology. Your best bet as you mentioned is to find one that turns on whenever power is restored and hook it into our SmartPower Outlet or another pluggable module.

I have a space heater with the same setup. I’m using a Aeon multisensor to measure the room’s temp and trigger the on/off of the z-wave outlet.

I am surprised that a smart tower fan hasn’t been created yet. My wife and I like the white noise and breeze of a fan and its a great thing to automate since we turn it off and on at the same time every night and morning, The tower fan we have now loses its memory after I pull the power. I tried with a ZWave power adapter and it didn’t work. Any one have any models they can recommend?

Logitech Harmony smart hub and ir blaster. That should solve your problems if the tower fan is controlled by a remote. =)