Z-wave power switch with floor-fan

(Eric Andreychek) #1


I’m aware what I’m asking may be a long-shot, but I thought I’d share the issue I have, and see if maybe someone here ran into a way to solve it :smile:

I have a floor fan with those “soft” buttons. That is, if it’s un-plugged while on, and then plugged back in, it’s now in an off state. To turn it back on, you have to hit the power button on the fan.

That doesn’t work well with zwave power switches :smile:

My goal is to have it automatically turn on in that circumstance.

Are there ways I’m not considering for how to handle such an issue, other than simply buying a new fan with different kinds of buttons?

Thanks for any thoughts!

(Brice; SmartRulesApp.com) #2

I feel your pain :anguished:. So many devices now have these “soft buttons” and it kills so many things that I want to do in my smart home!! Unless you want to open up the electronics on your fan and do some experimenting and soldering, I think you’re out of luck.