ST2 Problem with random blinking (off) lights with Z-Wave switches

Hi. I just sent the following (slightly edited for detail and humor) to Support, but thought to check here as well for suggestions:

Hi. I have an ongoing ST2 issue that’s existed since installation and am just now getting around to. I have many GE ZWave switches with a mix of incandescent and dimmable LED bulbs. All are zwave. Problem is a seemingly random and fast blink “off” that happens with ST2 on both bulb types. The blink happens per switch (e.g. not all at once) and not in any pattern that I can yet determine. The blink does NOT happen with the ST2 unplugged, so it’s not an electrical surge issue (eg dryer turning on). The blink does not happen with my Revolv hub using the same switches. My only guess is it’s possibly a result of ST2 polling. How can I help resolve this issue… the wife already said unplug it for Thanksgiving and fix it by then or unplug ST2 for good and put the old one (Revolv) back

I had a similar problem before I moved to California with my Z-Wave Dimmers and it did turn out to be an electrical problem. There was a phase issue that was hard to isolate. My electrician has to hook up some fancy equipment that measured for voltage drops. I had them, and lots of them. You are describing the exact problem I had too. (This is voltage drops on the circuit where my hub was)

My first recommendation is to move your hub to a new circuit and see if that resolves the problem.

I’ve just relocated it and will see if that helps. Running a series of network repairs (all zwave devices + hue) based on the new location. Getting a bunch of failed to update mesh info, but hopefully repairs eventually.

no luck … still blinking.