Water Leak Sensor Will Not Report Dry State Long After Wet Test

I have a pair of Dome Leak Sensors (Model DMWS1) running on a SmartThings network. I am using v1.1.3 of the Dome Leak Sensor handler written by Kevin LaFramboise (krlaframboise).

I tested my devices by touching the sensor to a moist paper towel and each triggered an alarm properly. However, long after they are dry, SmartThings still shows them as being wet. I don’t know why they aren’t updating to reflect the change from wet to dry. Shouldn’t they do that?

They should be.

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Open the device in the IDE and verify that it still shows wet.

Did you touch the paper towel to the contacts on the bottom of the device or the external probe?

In both cases I touched the external probe contacts.

I’ve attached a snapshot of the IDE screen.

If there are things I should look for in the event log, let me know. I tapped the internal button three times this morning in an effort to wake it up and have it refresh the state information, to no availl.

Tapping it 3 times puts it into inclusion/exclusion mode. If you want to wake it up you need to hold that button for about a second, but tap the refresh tile before doing that.

It looks like the last activity from the device was at 7:52 AM so what time did it detect water?

Did you by any chance pinch or bend the cable into a tight angle? I’ve killed a couple of the external sensors by doing that. To rule out the cable as the problem, remove it from the cradle and hold all 3 contacts on the bottom of the device. In theory that should make it report wet again and then dry once you let go.

I proceeded as you suggested, i.e., I removed the device from the cradle and triggered a wet report using moist fingers, and, when I let go, it reported dry. I then placed the devices back in the cradle and repeated the sequence, this time, with the external probe. Everything worked. I’m more than a little confused – but pleased that the devices appear to be working. Thank you Kevin.

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