ST w/out Internet?

Well, our cable/internet has been down since yesterday and my ST smarthome is useless. I have 3 local devices, but I can’t even tell if they’re talking to the ST hub because I can’t connect to the hub from my app.

I thought I should be able to connect to the app directly from my phone as long as I’m on the same WiFi as the router. I turned off airplane mode on the phone, turned on WiFi and connected to the network. The ST app can’t connect to the hub …

Am I doing something wrong or is ST really completely useless w/out internet?

PS. I have Osram RGBW A19 bulbs connected to the hub and I’m using the Zigbee RGBW Bulb device handler. Shouldn’t these bulbs show up in the Local Devices list - ? It didn’t show up there before the outage and now I really wish it did.

Help ! ? !


The ST app will only connect over the internet to the Hub and does not have the option to connect directly to the Hub over your local network.

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Makes you wonder what the future may or may not bring. V2 comes with battery backup lol. If your power goes out your internet goes out but your hub will have power, yaay.

Well, not completely useless. I did have a rare Fios outage a month or so ago and was able to verify that Smart Lighting automations worked locally as advertised, as long as the SL instances used only local devices. I have a few of those in addition to several more using community apps (those were nonfunctional). It made me appreciate having my lowly GE 45631 Z-Wave keypad paired with several of my Z-wave light switches and outlets. It may not be able to interact with SmartThings as a scene controller (and can’t address a Z-wave node ID greater than 32, probably the most important limitation), but it does function when ST is down and works fine as a remote subject to those limitations. It is GREAT to be able to have control of some of your Z-Wave lighting when everything else is offline. I wish they’d come out with an updated version of this device.

That’s crazy. I also have the Osram Hub and their app can connect either through the cloud or local WiFi network. You need an internet connection to add devices, so I can’t switch my bulbs over but if the lights were connected I would still be able to control them…

Any thoughts on why the Osram light isn’t running locally? I thought devices using the generic ZigBee/Z-wave handlers should be able to run locally.

Please refer to this

My internet is back and ST is working again. That was painful … Thx for all the info here !

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