Smartthing offline—what works without the Internet?

If I lose wifi does devices lose connection with smartthings hus. Do they have a separate zawe network?

Depends what you mean by lose wifi.

If you mean your internet connection, then the ST hub is pretty severely crippled but there are a limited number of devices and one smartapp (smartlighting) that can still execute some automations locally.

Wifi and z-wave are unrelated wireless protocols, and your ST hub connects to your router with an Ethernet cable. So if you had a wifi access point on your LAN that died or something, that wouldn’t exactly impact ST. But it could make it difficult or impossible to use your phone or tablet to interact with ST in the mobile app.

thank you, I mean internet there is a way to add local storage keep to execute the programe from the storage, not from the cloud

It is possible to a very limited degree.

See the SmartThings support page:

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Brings another question. Is the SmartThings application able to connect to the hub directly (via wifi)? I does not appear so. When I loose internet, I get an error when trying to connect - no devices - or connections.

Nope, the mobile app can only connect to the ST cloud. There is no way to use the app when your home internet is down.

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@jh0 is correct. The app connects to the hub through the cloud regardless of whether or not the hub and mobile device are on the same LAN, unfortunately.

It would be impossible for a mobile device to connect directly to the hub with wifi, since the hub has no wifi radio. But it would be nice if the app still could maintain a connection to the hub through the LAN (mobile device to router via wifi, and router to hub via Ethernet).