SmartThings direct connection to hub

I have frequent internet outages. Why cant I connect to SmartThings hub directly through the app? When my internet is out, the SmartThings hub is useless. None of my devices can be controlled if there is no internet connection. Please add this feature. I’m sure this has been requested over and over.

What you are describing is the SmartThings architecture, and I would not expect it to change any time soon, if ever. The ST Mobile App always connects to the ST Cloud, which in turn connects to your ST Hub. All automations, except “SmartLighting”, run in the ST Cloud.

If local processing and connectivity are important to you, you may want to consider alternative home automation solutions to augment ST. Apple HomeKit, Hubitat, and Home Assistant all support local processing and connectivity without an internet connection required at all times. For things like voice control (Alexa, Siri, Google Home) an internet connection is required to process your voice into actions.


Yes it has and SmartThings is working towards to increasing local executing. Some apps and devices already work locally with more to come in future.

My understanding is the Only smartapp That is currently eligible to run locally is the official Smartthings Lighting feature. Has that changed?


I with @JDRoberts:wink:. please explain what SmartApps/Automations work locally.

My understanding is ST has fewer locally executing SmartApps now than it did 4-5 years ago. I agree that there are more local DTHs, but that’s all. Smart Lighting, has even been blocked from being installed in many parts of the globe. Sure seems like the strategy thus far is less and less dependence on a hub for local processing, IMHO.

Note: I would truly love to be proved wrong :wink:

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I believe the smartthings app can connect to some local devices like appliances and bluetooth devices :wink:

But the SmartThings app itself requires an Internet connection to reach the smartthings cloud. It doesn’t run locally.

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LOL… I suppose if all one needs is local control of a Bluetooth device from your phone, perhaps that would count… but once you are out of range of the BT device, what then? :thinking: Oh, perhaps the BT a radio that has been sitting idly by in my v2 ST Hub for the past 5+ years could be used? Unlikely! :wink: