ST Sound Sensor?

I have a foscam that I am programming to work with ST and am having fantastic success. It has motion detection and sound detection, which I have been creating rules to control with a smart app. I realized when I got to the sound detection, however, that I couldn’t find any device capabilities supporting any kind of sound or audio detection? Does ST support any sound sensors at the moment?


If you get your smart app working for this, could you please post it. That would be epic. I have Foscam, and used a few Foscam apps that people have done. I just haven’t had time to write any of my own for them.

Sound detection events would be epic. I imagine you could use the UBI device type because it should have some type of sound detection.


I would also be interested in a sound detection solution. it would be nice for ST to hear my driveway sensors tones, I was exploring an Arduino project to achieve the similar solution

I am currently working to publish both my Foscam device type and smart apps. I will post when they have been released.

What Foscam do you have that has Sound Detection?

Bump… Anyone from ST? Is there a sound device that can trigger events?

Foscam FI8910W, but I believe most if not all have sound detection alongside motion detection…

Potentially you could use UBI to detect sound events and act on them,

Yeah, I see all of my Foscams have Sound Detection just most mobile apps and ST don’t support turning it on and off w/ an action yet.