ST Sound Sensor?

(Brock Haymond) #1

I have a foscam that I am programming to work with ST and am having fantastic success. It has motion detection and sound detection, which I have been creating rules to control with a smart app. I realized when I got to the sound detection, however, that I couldn’t find any device capabilities supporting any kind of sound or audio detection? Does ST support any sound sensors at the moment?


(Morgan) #2

If you get your smart app working for this, could you please post it. That would be epic. I have Foscam, and used a few Foscam apps that people have done. I just haven’t had time to write any of my own for them.

Sound detection events would be epic. I imagine you could use the UBI device type because it should have some type of sound detection.


(Elijah) #3

I would also be interested in a sound detection solution. it would be nice for ST to hear my driveway sensors tones, I was exploring an Arduino project to achieve the similar solution

(Brock Haymond) #4

I am currently working to publish both my Foscam device type and smart apps. I will post when they have been released.

(Morgan) #5

What Foscam do you have that has Sound Detection?

(Morgan) #6

Bump… Anyone from ST? Is there a sound device that can trigger events?

(Brock Haymond) #7

Foscam FI8910W, but I believe most if not all have sound detection alongside motion detection…

(Edward Pope) #8

Potentially you could use UBI to detect sound events and act on them,

(Morgan) #9

Yeah, I see all of my Foscams have Sound Detection just most mobile apps and ST don’t support turning it on and off w/ an action yet.