Motion...light...How about sound?

So, we have a big choice of motion sensors. We even have some that detect light. Is there any sensors on the market that detect sound? Something like that would be good in a security setup. I’d love to have one for my carport. When my car or motorcycle alarm goes off, it would notify me, take pictures, etc. That goes without speaking (sound pun intended), a sound sensor would work great in the home as another line of defense.


I had hoped to use the Quirky Spotter for this reason… A few months ago it had issues, was removed from SmartThings. Now it’s back, but I’ve yet to revisit my implementation. Might be worth another look. Not sure what else is out there, but I’d love to hear what other devices might work in this type of condition.

I have a spotter I have added with Twack’s wonderful code. I have it listening for my driveway alert, which is does detect rather well sitting right on top of it, so my next step is isolate it so it cant hear anything but the driveway alert.

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The Ubi reports sound level (along with light level, humidity, air pressure and temperature).

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That was my first thought as well @chuckles. It wouldn’t be too hard to write up an app that fired if sound levels went above ‘X.’

Netatmo has a sound sensor as well. We also need soundLevel added as an official capability for it to be truly useful and selectable by smart apps.

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You don’t even need to write an app. Just set up a lesson on the Ubi in question, triggered by sound with an action to turn on a SmartThings switch (could be a virtual switch or virtual momentary push button). You should be able to use that virtual switch / push button with most SmartThings alarm apps “out of the box”.