(ST Smart Button) Sensibo - More than one action in button press

Heya SmartThings Team,

Can we please allow MULTIPLE actions made with the Sensibo integration (Air conditioner/Heat, etc) in the SmarThings Smart Button?

Currently it only allows one action (ON/OFF), and they added the extra functions but forgetting this cannot happen in 1 IR blast.

Most IR blasters (like the Sensibo) which mimics an analog blaster remote require MULTIPLE IR calls to set something.

A.- Turn ON the AC.
B.- Set to COOL mode.
C.- Set FAN to high.
D.- Set TEMPERATURE to 24 degrees celsius.

(You Cant’s just do, in most systems, ON+COOL+FAN+TEMP).

This types of operations cannot happen in 1 IR blast in most AC systems, and Sensibo wasn’t designed for that.

Can you fix it/add it please? (I’m not even sure if this is the integration done By the Sensibo team, or the SmartThings team that has to change this).


Most cloud integrations now are managed by the manufacturer. I’d check with the Sensibo team first.

Fwiw, I’ve they implemented the standard thermostat capabilities in their integration, this is definitely possible. But I’ve heard they didn’t use the standard capability :confused:

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Hey Jimmy,

Thanks for the answer! Yeah I don’t truly know if the allowing multiple actions on a button device is something specific of ST allowing X integration, or the integrator (in this case Sensibo), setting in their code that their devices are allowed as a multi-step for buttons.

At least in my case it shows up with the AC Icon, but not as a thermostat, but i dont think it’ll make a difference, so not a 100% sure on how exactly it would play ‘natively’ without doing something weird (like creating a virtual switch (which i still dont understand how it gets set/works) to do the 1,2,3,4 actions, and then the physical button tied to that virtual one).

Here’s the graphical example of what i mean (no more than one action for the device when using the button):

does the device support Thermostat modes or fan setting at all? I don’t it even listed as on option there.

Yup, you’re correct, the fan mode isn’t there, nor does the thermostat function, (just on/off, mode, and temperature).

That is definitely on the Sensibo side (missing fan options, and thermostat function), but not entirely sure about how an integrator device gets declared as multi-function for the buttons.

Who can point me toward the code, please?

Code for what? The integration is done by Sensibo.