Sensibo Integration

I installed sensibo air and connected it to ST cloud - cloud connection.
But I see the integration is very poor, there is only on/off, temp control.
There is no indoor temp, humidity, fan speed… as exist in the Sensibo app.
Do you know about another way to connect and get better integration? :thinking:

Yes the integration could be better but atleast there´s a workaround to use missing controls in ST routines with IR blaster, which can send fan speed, quiet/powerful mode, swing control etc. commands which the integration cannot.

What is IR Blaster and how I can use it with sensibo? :thinking:

It´s an infrared sender which basically works like all-in-one remote controllers, but it can be operated via SmartThings. I´m using this one:
It doesn´t work with Sensibo but using Sensibo integration and IR blaster side by side you can add every comand imaginable with your AC to your ST routines. As bonus you can control every other device with IR remote controller, like TV, AV receiver so on, Unfortunately it doesn´t help you with your temperature or humidity problem

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IR blaster is the same as broadlink, right?
I wonder if this device can control AC, why I need the sensibo? :thinking: