Server down 10/4/17?

Mobile app not working. Website not working either… someone didn’t pay the bill ?

UPDATE: and all is good again :slight_smile:

I’m on the na02-useast1 shard and am down. Getting this when trying to log into IDE: HTTP Status 500 - Unexpected status code 401 from global /admin/users/

yep also down for me NA01. Android mobile app will not connect


Same here in DK/EU. Nothing’s working at all. Alarm just went bananas and could not turn it iff. PLEASE fix asap, ST!

Seems to be up and running now.

North American Platform Outage
Investigating - Some users may be unable to load the SmartThings app, control devices, or access the web UI. We are currently investigating.
Oct 4, 10:37 EDT

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Yeah it happens a lot I create a text msg alert via IFTTT. Notice that it’s gone off 31 times since June :-1: but I still love Smartthings :heart:

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I think as we continue to grow we really need to revise our outage notification approach… Not to say there haven’t been issues but the majority of the outages have been either contained to a specific device, region or app, would be interesting to see exactly how many of those 31 actually affected your Smart Home deployment… Also would be interesting to look back at the period of time I like to call the dark ages (a bit over a year ago now), we weren’t as quick to do status updates back then but there were a lot of issues…


So @vlad i took a look and in the last 60 days there were 18 status notices published of that 11 affected my setup. So the status notices cover everything from hub update notices to service outages. The status update service is awesome, this helps me let my family know when things aren’t working like Google Assistant.or Alexa.

How did i live before Smartthings? Prior to using the smartthings hub which is more stable I wrote a Azure function app to call the lightify service once a hour to see if it was alive. Trust me it was down just about every other day you guys have a way more stable product.

You can also look at the first bug reports in the community – created wiki. Many “known issues” get reported there that never show up on the status page, such as the recent Google Home problems. Or VoiceOver navigation.


Personally, I’d like to see the status page more Community driven. Perhaps include real-time statistics on the platform and allow a comment box so people can report issues and comment towards each other. Similar to the community, but more issue-driven.