ST saves the day again for me (caught a leaking washer pump!)

I thought I’d share another “saves the day” story that happened to me this morning.

I’m sitting at my laptop today working from home, when all of a sudden my main water valve turns off because of a leak detected:


Why? Well because this little $25 leak sensor (in the red box) picked up water on my laundry room floor, and automatically shut off the valve and turned off the clothes washer that’s plugged into a zigbee outlet:

What caused the leak? A cheap drain pump which eventually failed with broken blades, seal and cracked housing. Yay! I suspect the failed components took some time to get that way, but it all came together today and made for an interesting morning.

Cheap pump: (Replacement via Amazon on it’s way!)

I can deal with not doing laundry for a day or two vs replacing flooring and all the work/cost associated with a water leak!


Enquiring minds wanna know the Zigbee plug and water valve you’re using!

I had a very similar experience. The entire drain pump snapped off the bottom of the washer, dumping water all over the basement floor. Luckily the washer is in the unfinished half of the basement with a floor drain, but still handy to have caught it as soon as it happened!


Works even with the new app :wink:


I had same problem that destroyed my kitchen on a vacation home. I installed a device called Water Cop and use Samsung water leak sensors

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Zigbee plug - GE model 45853 (I’ve got these on every appliance in the house)

Water Valve - LeakSmart, aka Iris, aka Waxman (it’s Zigbee too)


Yikes! That’s exactly what I want to avoid is what you show in those pictures.

Indeed! I’ve completely moved over to the new app, and I’m very happy to report that all is well.


Absolutely, wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. :grin:

Best wishes