ST Presence Sensor Tag Durability?

I’m curious what your experience is with the Smartsense Presence, specifically its durability. I have a 65 pound dog whose collar it only stayed on for about 2 weeks before she apparently shook hard enough for the two plastic pieces to fly out of the rubber holder.

Luckily none of the parts broke and it happened inside the house where they were easy to find, but I’m leery about putting it back on her collar as is because next time it could happen out in the yard and odds are I would never find it.

Does anyone else have experience with using this on a dog collar? I know it’s not supposed to be especially water resistant either, and I’m curious about your experiences with that too.

I’m also curious if anyone has done an aftermarket hack to increase its durability. Maybe sew it into a pocket on the collar?

Curious how long ago did you get your sensors? Was it part of a Kickstarter package? There have been been some incremental improvements to the clasping mechanism. Still, how hard does your dog shake? :slight_smile:

I got my kit about 5 weeks ago, but I got it off Amazon as an open box which was supposedly “opened but unused” though it was clear it had in fact been used.

Dog shaking is surprisingly effective and powerful! Millions of years of canid evolution and all. That sensor would fly around on the collar about 270° left and right, about 4-5 times a second. I can’t be more precise than that, because the dog won’t put up with me using a compass while she shakes!

Yeah, I never even tried to put one on one of my German Shepherds, it wouldn’t last an hour. Between them play fighting, rolling around in the dirt or sometimes to my dismay, mud it would be a foolish exercise. I have several of the newer designs, and it is still on the fragile side. I’ve had it explode just from dropping my keys at waist height at just the right angle.

I’d really like to see these move to a car fob style ABS plastic shell with a screw cap battery door that seals. Extra points if it has buttons on it that can be programmed to initiate actions :slight_smile: