Received SmartThings Presence Sensor V2

Today I received the new V2 presence sensors. I had ordered them to track my dog and my son (Me and my wife use mobile phones). First look is impressive when compared to V1 - I had seen the old ones and they were very clumsy. These are slightly smaller and seem more sturdy. Build quality is a lot better than V1. No more rubber ring around it. It opens like a car key chain and snaps back in place pretty well. Amazon started selling this week, if I am not mistaken. Hub V2 in the horizon?? May be!! Or May be Not!

I shall update in a few days on how this works… Hopefully it works well too…Attaching some pics for those who may be interested. One of the pics shows comparison with a quarter…


Cool, thanks for posting! I see this is updated in the ST shop on this website, too.

This device does have some weather limitations, though:

For indoor use only
Should not be exposed to moisture if used outside

If your dog only goes out on walks and you’re just trying to trigger “I’m back” events, it might be fine. If your dog gets yard time, or is an escape artist, personally I’d go with Tagg instead, but that does have a monthly fee.

We sometimes leave him out in the front yard to relieve himself before we lock the house for the night. He goes without a leash and we just wait at the door until he comes back…Sometimes he tends to wander a little too far away (mostly when my wife is waiting at the door) … and she stands at the door not knowing where he went…So I dont think moisture will be a problem, unless its raining (Texas has been crazy lately as far as rains are concerned)…So I think it should be ok for the most part. Its worth trying it out at least for $30.
I am hoping that with the tag, we will know the moment he goes too far beyond… Its an experiment actually, I want to see how it works in this use case of mine.

You won’t know " the moment he goes beyond"-- in order to avoid bounce at the geofence, ST waits for several consecutive login fails, each 30 seconds apart. It’s consequently likely to be several minutes before you get the notification. That’s fine for a lot of situations, but if you’re depending on this for pet safety it’s something to be aware of.


Any updates on how your new presence sensor has been working so far? I’m curious if it’s better than the old one

The electronics are the same - just the enclosure has been updated.

Ahhh, thanks @Tyler! Happen to have any idea when it’s going to be available for purchase again…?

I’m not sure but it should be a matter of days for the presence sensor.

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So far the sensor has been working great! It detects me about 10 ft from my door or garage. But i also have two of the ST outlets in the front room abd at the back. I guess that helps as well.

How’s the battery life after 2 months of using this?

So far it looks good . Its at 88% .

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