Arrival Scanner leaving and arriving every 30 mins

I bought an Arrival Sensor from SmartThings and it’s been acting properly until recently. Every 30 mins it leaves and then arrives again within the same minute. Has anyone else experienced this and could it be a hardware defect? I tried removing and adding it again as well as removing and placing the battery back in.

Quite a few members on here have this issue. I have 2 first gen model and they are very unreliable and hard on battery. I ended up using them for other projects.

Quick question is it very close to the hub when it’s doing this.

Actually. Yes.

I have one and it acts the same way once the battery drops below about 70% I haven’t figured out any use for it because of this behavior but I keep it around just in case ST ever comes out with a fix.

Set the standard time-out to10 minutes for departure. That will eliminate any issues with ghost trips

@RLDreams I’ll give that a try. For me the problem is that lights are coming on thinking we’ve just arrived at home in the evening.

That is why you set the delay for leaving to 10 minutes. That way ST will ignore all those 1-2 minute ghost trips.

I have one that does this as well. Resetting the sensor then rejoining it fixes for a while. Then it returns to the same behavior after a while.

I too recently have encountered this with no changes to my hub or devices. It started with one of my sensors in the afternoon a few days ago and by the evening, all of them were doing it (even the ones not in the house).

Also one of them would simply stay stuck as PRESENT when it was not in the house for over a day and it was in AWAY status before they all freaked out.