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ST on time machine

(Ron S) #1

Routines triggering hours ahead. I am in night mode at 4:xx PM. :slight_smile: Reminds me of a politician who claimed he is far ahead of schedule with no schedule defined and claimed that y’day! :wink:

Is there a way to see what you sunrise/sunset times actually are?
Events Triggering at wrong time(s)
(jkp) #2

Check the status page today, ST is investigating issues with smart apps/Routines running hours ahead of time.


Poltergeists! :scream: :ghost::ghost::ghost::ghost:

Routine running on UTC instead of local time
(DLee) #4

Exactly 7 hours ahead of schedule for me. Driveway light scheduled to come on at sunset -22 minutes That would be 6:02 pm today. Light turned on at 11:02 am.

They appear to have us/servers on UTC time zone. Im located in UTC -7.


(Ron S) #5

Doing that for 3 yrs plus. :wink:

(Ron S) #6

Even though Bobby (@SBDOBRESCU) is everybody’s friend, he has now officially unleashed his poltergeist before Halloween.

(Bobby) #7

Huahaha… I posted this, exactly a year ago!

(Nathan Davis) #8

My night routine ran five hours early today.

(Ron S) #9

Time to go to sleep early today, buddy! :wink:

(Ben) #10

I’m running an hour behind…

(Ron S) #11

You have an older model of time machine. :frowning:

(Bobby) #12

Hey, it’s not half bad. My evening routine misfired earlier but refired now at correct time. I can certainly deal with that…

(Ron S) #13

Shoot! I thought it was already night and went to bed . Darn, now I have to leave and do the grocery! :frowning: And That POLTERGEIST IS “YOUR” PET. So, but of course!