ST on Cellular backup, how to connect to hue Bridge?

ST is connected to cell backup instead of home LAN. Philips Hue is connected to home LAN and is working OK. ST scans the hub and status “cannot find any hub”. Any idea how this can be fixed?

I’m wondering why the hub is on cell backup and the Hue is not?

  • If I move hue on cell backup then alexa and other devices connected stop communicating with hue
  • using freedom pop 500MB per month package

ST to Hue is LAN to LAN so I’m pretty sure they need to be on the same subnet.

Apologies, I think I might be missing the point?

Yes, that is what it seems like. I was looking for a work around solution/help. The router connected to cell is setup as repeater and connects to hotspot

FYI if you purchase freedom pop though a partner you get double the data (1GB) and your credit card is not required. I got my cellular modem on eBay though a FP partner (one-time purchase of $30) and it has been working flawlessly, you can’t beat free!

I have also seen partners offer a Netgear wifi router/gateway with FP modem built in, that would put all of your devices on the same subnet. You can set it up to use your ISP’s modem as your primary and FP modem as a failover connection.

As for your current setup, have you tried disabling DHCP on your router? The hotspot is probably also acting as a DHCP server. You could also try setting up static routes if your router supports it.

The router is more than likely doing NAT. You somehow need to get them on the same network if you’re going to use the native ST to Hue functionality.

I’m Not sure if here’s is any workaround if you remove hue and install this:

Might be worth a look?

FYI - my HLGS app linked above hasn’t been updated in a long time. But I’ve since released a better Hue Service Manager app called Hue B Smart:

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