ST not working well lately! (October 2018)

Things have been very unstable lately. I would say since they have been trying to go to Samsung. I have lights that don’t always go on when they should. Motion sensors that sometimes detect motion and sometimes don’t. Presence sensors that have stopped working. things seem very unstable and very frustrating. I have setup pistons with Webcore and they won’t work because some of the sensors are intermittent. Not sure if anybody else is having these issues. I have a iphone presence sensor that stopped working about two weeks ago. I removed it and then re-installed it. Showed as present yesterday but again isn’t working again today. This is screwing up my settings for ecobee because the house is never put in “Away” status because the presence sensor isn’t working. Sorry for the rant but this is so very frustrating. Oh and I have a zooz 4 in 1 sensor that shows 1% battery after I just put new batteries in. It showed that the new batteries where at 75% but after a week it now says 1%.

Let’s start from the bottom up. Zooz is not an official supoorted device, so you can expect things to be weird until you find a handler that works better. Try for example the Aeon Labs multi handler, works well, reports battery level and runs local.

Next presence. Big annoyance, what sensor do you use? My suggestion is find a different solution to drive your modes. An inactive motion sensor for x minutes is much more reliable solution.

As for automations that don’t fire, there could be mesh issues or app issues. I can tell you that all of my lights come on and off with motion sensors, so while I understand your frustration, things point in your direction that something you are doing or not doing is causing this. Tell us more about sensors and apps you are using and I am sure people will try to help you out.

Not sure what this is referring to? Migration to a Samsung account? Do you have a ST account, if so has it been migrated yet?

Or something else? SmartThings has been “going to Samsung” since they were acquired in 2014.

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Well everything was working fine before the update to the Samsung account. I still use the ST classic app but they wanted me to update to the Samsung Account.

You’re not the only one, others have mentioned problems in this thread recently.

My hub v2 hub updated to 000.024.00011 on October 11, 2018.

Since then my automations sometimes don’t get events from virtual switches.

The switch turns on and the automation should run when it sees the switches ON event, but it doesn’t run. Turning the switch off and on again usually works, but sometimes I have to do that a few times.