ST - Newbie comments

:joy: not the snowflake looking one. That can mean a ton of different things from the person viewing it.

DO NOT intall the one that says Samsung Connect :slight_smile:

Samsung has ALWAYS been like this.

I’m ignoring all other apps until I’m forced off SmartThings (or classic) whatever the f I’ve got at this point…

I don’t miss my Samsung TV or Phones, if that says anything about the matter.

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Glad to hear others find the plethora of similarly named ST apps confusing. And like I said, even ST Support get confused at times… Hopefully they have learned a valuable lesson about something as simple as the name one chooses for an app… I can’t imagine how much time they waste on phone calls and emails trying to explain this topic :frowning:


The question is; do you live in “fear” of an away home being hacked, or turn off all internet access while away. What are your priorities here, to be able to talk about the gadgets in your away home, or sleep at night knowing it is secure in it’s ignorance (not smart thing interactive)