ST Multisensor with Unknown Device and Unknown Route?

This device is an ST multipurpose sensor. I cannot find any devices in the IDE with a device network ID of 88B6, so I am assuming it is a ghost. I have seen the recent post by @RBoy about removing Z-WAVE ghost devices, but this is a ZIGBEE device. Does anyone know if it can be removed the same way?

Also, this is the first time I have seen Unknown Route??? Will this automatically fix itself when/if i can remove the ghost device?

This sensor is currently showing online, but most of the time it shows as disconnected. I do have another repeating zigbee device in the path, but this “unknown device” seems to be interfering with the sensor’s ability to connect with it consistently.

I have the unknown device with 4 characters in IDE. I think it’s my sub hub which is another Connect Home Pro.