ST Multisensor idiosyncrasies

I have ST multisensors (first gen) as open/close sensors on a few windows. Recently, I added a smartapp to notify me whenever said windows were opened or closed (from the Smart Home Monitor app) (I have a toddler who recently discovered he could open windows). Since then, I am getting notified about sensors reporting the window was inactive/closed without a corresponding previous active/open notification. For example, the screenshot is attached:

Is this normal? The window sensors in question have more than 50% battery, so I am puzzled about this …

I have 4 of these and they have always done that. It’s been about a couple of years in use now. I don’t know but I always assumed they were just being polled by ST and/or apps and just reporting their recent condition more because they were asked than they are just squawking state data.

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Thanks @rudyinDana for the confirmation.

Anyone know of a way to avoid this polling through a separate device handler?