ST MultiSense - Main Screen Reporting

Hi all,
My searches didn’t lead me to an answer, so I need to ask - How do I change the attribute that’s reported on the main things screen for a ST MultiSense? I can manipulate the details screen to get the temp to the top and large, but I can’t get the main screen to change to temp. I use this multisense for only temp reporting, so this is important info to me. Add in the new feature with the favorites to the Dashboard and it makes this even more important for me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

A key feature of ($23.99) is that you can pick any view for a Tile, including having the same Thing represented with multiple Tiles on one or more dashboards (Panels).

eg. You can have both a Temperature Tile and Contact Tile.

I appreciate the response, but I’m looking for a solution using the stock platform. Thanks.

the ST forum search is frustratingly ineffective.

search for “default temp” turns up some previous discussion. Several workaround techniques:

Thanks for the link. I tried it out and can’t get it to work. I click the temp in the gear section and it’s not updating on the app. Am I doing some thing wrong or has the app changed? As an aside, I’m having a tough time with info not updating on the main screen without refresh hits on a few devices (garage contact sensor and thermostat).

.0. it’s kinda the blind leading the blind, but

.1. I tried via simulator technique, with an inactive physical device, and got similar result as you, no change in default display which is “contacts”. I may have omitted some crucial step in the raindance. I assume you are seeing the simulated tile in the IDE, and the select-the-default-detail-circle in the upper right of the sub-tile/detail-tile.

.2. I tried the alternate/new/custom-device-type technique, on the same physical device, and it worked, which now displays temperatur on the phoneapp “things” list.

example revised lines look like:
main([“temperature”, “acceleration”, “contact”])
details([“contact”, “acceleration”, “temperature”, “battery”])

.3. third thing - is there another technique don’t know for certain.

I appreciate you trying to help, even if it’s with a walking stick…

I had tried the “create new device handler from template->switch reporting order on the main” trick yesterday and it just won’t take. At this point I think I must be doing something wrong. Any chance you can post your custom handler so I can review and see what I did wrong?

  • maybe you are omitting save+publishForMe step.
  • require saving a unique name of your editted device type / device handler
  • and then you change your paired device to the unique device type

I will attempt paste my device (usually looks like crap since I don’t recall the correct formatting code and the discourse toolbar seems incomplete)
but I only edited 3 lines from the ST template “SmartSense Multipupose”


yeah, piecing your code together was tough. Nonetheless, yielded the same bad results. I’ve been saving/publishing/changing the type in the device section in IDE. I tried to compare code and I only see the following as being changed:

main([“temperature”, “acceleration”, “contact”])

Can you tell me the other 2 lines? then I’ll just adjust my custom device handler.

I really appreciate your help here…

definition (name: “SmartSense Multi-TEMP4”, namespace: “ero4444”, author: “SmartThings”) {

main([“temperature”, “acceleration”, “contact”])
details([“contact”, “acceleration”, “temperature”, “battery”])

Yup, still not working. I give up for now. Thanks for your efforts.

Upstairs Temp Sensor