Half my ST sensors not working now?

So I am having a lot of problems with my ST multipurpose sensors, this started 2-3 days ago.
I’ve never had so many sensors stop working. I’ve reset my modem, router, and hub. I’ve also replaced batteries on a few items, moved them closer to hub, etc. I’ve done all the basic troubleshooting tasks.

I have multiple sensors that report temperatures and do not report state changes, open or close.
Then I have multiple sensors that haven’t reported anything in 2-3 days.
I have about 25 sensors and half one of the symptoms above.

You can try turning off Health in the IOS or Android app. Hopefully it will start reporting. If not if the sensors are in reach just remove the battery and replace but don’t reset.

+1. I’m seeing the same problem. Replacing batteries not helping. Will leave alone for a few days. Crap system.