ST multiple locations, webcore, Life360, what and how?


I’m trying to find solution to set multiple locations and use presence sensors (phones) to automate stuff. I have one ST hub at home. What I want to do is:

  • alert when kids left home -> this works straight with st
  • kids comes home -> this works straight with st
  • kids are in school -> how can I get notifications from this?
  • kids left school -> how can I get notifications from this?

Like I said I have ST, I’m using webcore and now I’m using Life360. ST allows to set multiple locations but that doesn’t allow to send push messages when presence sensor are in that 2nd location area. Only notifications from main location, home, works. What is the point even add second location if there’s no second hub…

I installed Life360 and there is possibility to add multiple (2 for free) locations. When ST and Life360 are paired ST can’t handle more than one locations. So there can be only one location from Life360 that can be used in ST. What the f…

One thing I haven’t yet tried and it’s called webcore android app. What I red about it… hmm… it handles multiple locations but drains battery. Come on…

Is there any other possibilities to set multiple locations and get alerts or is this the situation and that’s it.

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If you’re just trying to get notifications, Life360 can do that on it’s own. It can send you a push notification when someone leaves or enters an area.

I know that but I would like to receive messages only from st app or webcore (SMS for example) without need to install life360 to my and my wifes phone.

Are you using the smartthings app or the smartthings classic app.

From what I am looking at it looks like you should be able to do what you are asking.

Mavrrick58, I don’t see it. I Can’t see anyway to put multiple locations into ST from Life360. So tell me what you are looking at?

Im using classic. Is there a way?

I miss spoke. You can have two locations in smartthings, but it appears life 360 considers the location you log into as home.

Have you thought about the samsung smarthings item tracker?

Never heard about that. So that’s already fourth option to get something that basic like location sharing to work with ST. What I red about item tracker it basically means that user have to buy gps devices to be able to add more zones to ST. Why the hell do I have to buy more devices if my kids already have presence sensors (phones) with them all the time? :slight_smile:

Why user can add multiple locations to ST without adding second or third hub? What is the point if there is nothing you can do without hub?

I have now two ST locations “home” and “school”. All devices are in location “home” except my presence sensor (phone) which seems to be active in both locations. So how can I receive notification that my phone is in location “school”.

EDIT: probably find solution… which is not pretty but I guess it works. I changed Life360 home location to “school”. Now I’m able to send sms by using webcore when my kids phone enters “school” location. So there’s basically two presence sensors / kid. One presence sensor is native st android presence sensor and other is life360 presence sensor. Native presence sensor reports when kid leaves/comes real home, and life360 presence sensor reports when kid leaves/comes fake home -> school. What a fuc***** joke but like I said I guess it works. I report more on monday.

Have you tried not using Webcore to send the notifcations and simply using a smartthings cloud. On the second location you should be able to add a smartapp called “Notify Me When” and that can use the smartthings presence sensor.

That is not possible… that’s the main problem. You can’t add no more than one location in ST. Actually you can add multiple locations but there has to be hub at every location when using Smartthings hub. Without hub location is so called “stupid” and doesn’t know if anyone is on that location and cannot send any notification or what ever.
Webcore does not help because it uses only those devices and locations imported from paired ST hub.

Just tested my configuration and it works great. Life360 still reports (if wanted) when somebody from circle enters or leaves location 1 and location 2. I’m not receiving Life360 notifications because now with this setup I’m able to use only Smartthings and webcore combination which was my main target. Smartthings reports when somebody enters or leaves home location and school location.

Home location uses Smartthings presence sensor (phone) and School location uses Life360 presence sensor (same phone). My kids are 6 and 8 and it’s perefectly fine that there’s two clients polling their location. Not sure what happens when they grow up and hate their parents.

You are incorrect that it has to have a hub at each location. You can not do HA functions without a hub. But you can do cloud only functions.

The problem is your insistence on using Webcore which simply isn’t needed to do notifications and adds complexity is what is making this complicated than it needs to be.

I just confirmed this works by creating a new location at my home and loading the smartapp “Notify me when” .

That’s a good idea. I hadn’t thought of that.

Create another location in ST without a hub. Install Life360 app and select the second or whatever location and use a routine or Notify me to get a notification for that one.

I would assume, didn’t try it yet, that you can create a whole new location in the second ST location for notifications also.

I suppose one could use IFTTT as an interface between the 2 ST locations if one wanted to do something else with it.

Okay so I’m not probably understanding this right.
So you say that:

  • create new location “school”
  • set location from settings
  • invite kids to this new smartthings location (guess same account can be used and that doesn’t mess normal home account)
  • then add devices (presence sensors) you need
  • use “notify me when” to set when presence sensor x enters “school” location

If this works…then hooray… well…

It might be that my insistence is too much to ask but for example webcore can send sms to more than one people… me and my wife. I have also noticed that push message delivery depending of device may take 1min - 60min time. Sms comes every time when cellural network is available. Here where I live… it’s available everywhere anytime.

Your idea is great too… but are you sure that you can pair Life360 with no hub? I’m not sure and did not tested, so that’s why I’m wondering.

Well, apparently not. I created a new location and tried to install Life360, but it wouldn’t let me. Kept getting an unknown error. But You can create another physical location in the ST new location so that should work.

I think you basically got it. You can also use a routine to send an SMS based on presence. Push notifications haven’t been working very well for quite some time. I use SMS for any critical stuff.

Just realized what you said. Yeah I don’t think a routine will allow you to send an SMS to more than one person. But you could use more than 1 routine with both of them triggered with the same thing. I think that would work. Or like you said, Webcore.

Yep that is pretty much the idea.

I know of some apps that can send to multiple numbers for SMS . That app doesn’t but depending on how the other apps accomplish this it could be an easy update to make it do the same.

If you are interested I have a updated version of the notify me when app that will now allow you to enter more then one phone number. that should take care of that requirement for you