Multiple Geofence Locations?

Hi all,

Pretty new to SmartThings but not too new to home automation. I’m trying to do something that I was able to do with OpenHAB, but have not found a way to do with ST yet. I have my phone and my wife’s phone set up as presence sensors, which is working fine. What I want to do it set up different things to happen when we are at different locations. For example, flash a light in my office when my wife gets to her work. Or send me a notification when she gets to our kids daycare. Icing on the cake would be to plot our locations real-time on a map using ActionTiles or something. I did this in OH with the iCloud binding, is there something similar in ST?

Check out webCoRE presence

Yeah, you’ll have to use webcore presence. You can create several locations in SmartThings, but you can’t create an automation across them.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I installed webCoRE yesterday but hadn’t really explored it too much yet. I got the app and am in the process of configuring multiple locations now.

So I just tried it by running out to the store a couple miles away and it was horribly inaccurate. It seems that the location won’t update unless I open the webCoRE app which is a real disappointment. Unless I’m doing something wrong I’m going to have to figure out something else. Didn’t want to pay for life360 but I might have to.

At one point I was using the free Life360 (iOS) and modified a version of the Life360 User DTH by tmleafs to also return the latitude and longitude from the generatePresenceEvent function. Never finished working on it (stopped when I saw WebCore Presence get released), but once you have those it’s a “simple” math problem to determine distance from another geographic point.

A piston with the distance equation if anyone needs it:

Update, I uninstalled the WebCoRE app from my phone, deleted the presence sensor from ST and set it all up again, seems to be 1000% better now. It seems to register just as quickly as that ST sensors now and actually knows when I’m home.

The only thing I would request is a way to allow a device as a presence sensor without giving them access to all of my pistons.