How do I get notifications when my wife leaves work or picks up my son from daycare?

I saw a video recently(I think it was made in 2014) where a couple setup locations other than their home, without hubs there, and configured the smartthings app to send notifications when they entered or left the geofence for those locations. The app doesn’t seem to still be the same.

I was able to setup some additional locations, and I set the geofence for those locations. I then went into the automations for that location(say daycare), and setup a routine so when I left, it would send a push notification. So my wife should know that when I leave daycare, I dropped off or picked up our kid. But when I do this, I don’t see my wife’s phone as one of the devices that I can add under the everyone leaves. Only my phone is there. And when I left, it only sent a push notification to my phone, not hers.

How do I set this up properly? I looked for a way to do it in webcore, but could not find a place where I would specify a certain location to leave from.

Here’s a link to the article with the video that I am referring to:



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Hi @mlamb01

I was able to set up my wife’s work as a second location. I did not set up a routine for her arriving/leaving - I setup custom rules, 1 for when she arrives and another one for when she leaves. Try that. I hope this is helpful.


As I understand it, they added location based permissions to the apps recently. I believe you set this up under Manage Users in the app. What it sounds like is that your wife’s account (if she is using one) doesn’t have permissions to the additional locations.

You have to use her phone to add her phone as a new device in the new locations. I’ve done this for years. Use the “Notify Me When” smart app to get custom notifications when she arrives and/or leaves.

Instead of the approach of adding multiple Locations within SmartThings, and the fact that you are already using WebCoRE, why don’t you look at using the webCoRE Presence Sensor. Within there, you can create multiple Places (locations / Geofences) that will allow you to run your Pistons against the Presence Sensor and Arriving or Leaving any of those places. I’m not sure how the setup works for multiple people (WebCoRE Presence Sensors) but I’m sure you can get some assistance from @anon36505037 to get you headed in the right direction.

I’m using it in testing right now (single Presence sensor) side by side against my Mobile Presence in ST (mine has always been solid) and the webCoRE version is comparatively more accurate and more real time responsive.


With this and installing a separate WebCoRE instance on each of the devices to get those Presence Sensors into the same ST Location/Hub, can all of these Presence Sensors / Places then be managed from the primary instance of webCoRE so that everything is managed from one set of Pistons (and all Presence Sensors and all Places added are seen together)?

I’m pretty out the loop, is there an independent webCore app now?

Ok, out of the loop AND caught skimming lol. I even liked the install post.

I’m not ready to try this in webcore yet, afraid of what it might do to the already bad battery life on my phone.

So I figured out that I need to install the “notify me when” smart app for each location I create that does not have a hub. But when I go to setup notify me when and choose arrives or leaves, only my phone is there. I can’t figure out how to add my wife’s phone. She went and created a location for her work, and her phone is listed there when I choose the arrives or leaves, but mine is not. How can I add the other phones?

Life360 does all this natively. Just install on yours and her phone.

She (or you, using her phone) will have to browse to the locations you created and add her phone as a new device.

I second what @logeox pointed out… Life360. It does what you want and integrates with smartthings.

Woot Woot!!!

But I can’t add my wife on her own phone, because it wants me to add a hub first, and there is no hub there.

I don’t know what you are missing. You said you had multiple locations setup. If your wife is setup as a Managed User and is logged in with her email, she will see the same locations when she opens her app on her phone. I don’t know why the app would ask her to add a hub if all she is doing is adding her device to an existing location.

Life360 only allows 2 free locations unless you pay the monthly premium price.


Let me ask you a few questions.

  1. Are you using ios or android?

  2. Does your wife’s phone show up as a presence sensor at your home location?

  3. Have you set up her phone to be shared with your account?

  4. Is she the owner of the account or are you?

  5. Are you allowing her phone to use location services?

  6. If so are you allowing Smartthings to use location services on both phones?

As has been mentioned if she has been set up to share your info, then both phones use the same everything. In other words, if you set up a routine or custom rule or location on one phone it automatically shows up on the shared phone. If you make a notification with one phone number it will still send notifications to the shared phone. The shared phone is an exact duplicate of the account owner’s phone.

Answer those questions and probably someone can help you out. Hope that helps,


His goal is to setup multiple Geofence locations within ST so he is creating additional locations within ST with a different Geofence like his wife’s work, not just their standard Geofence Home location.

So that’s where I’m stepping aside. I don’t know of anyone who is doing this and if there are, they can chime in. I threw out my recommendation.


I did that although it was a long time ago that I set it up so I am not sure the exact procedure that I used. My wife travels about 45 minutes each way to and from work, so I set up her work as a secondary location. Her workplace does not have a ST hub at all. My phone, (and hers) gets a message whenever she arrives at work and another when she leaves work. I believe that I originally set up the “Notify Me When” app on her phone but later removed it and set up 2 custom rues on my phone. A couple of years ago the apps that I installed on my phone were different from the ones on her phone but at some point during a hub update the two phones are mirror images of each other. If I set up a Mode, Routine or Custom Rule on my phone, it automatically shows up on her phone. If I move a device to another Room or rename it, that will also automatically show up on her phone. That is why I am wondering if he is sharing his account with her.


Her phone works great as a presence sensor with our hub. If I add a routine or app on my phone, she will see it show up on her phone. For example, I went into the daycare location I created without a hub, and added the notify me when app, and setup a rule to send a notification when I arrived at daycare. I went into the ST app on her phone, the daycare location was there, and so was notfiy me when app with the rule I created. But if using her phone I edit the rule I created, I don’t see her phone as an option to add when someone arrives or leaves. Just my phone.

So using her phone, she created a location for her work. I can see that location on my phone, but I can’t add myself to the arrives or leaves rule. Her phone is the only option. So it’s like only the account that created the location can add the phone for the arrives and leaves. I wonder is this is like a privacy/snooping thing? I guess if I could create a location, and add someone else’s phone presence sensor to it, that could be used to invade privacy in undesirable ways?