Locations: Does anyone actually use this feature?

I’m curious, does anyone out there actually have multiple smart hubs in their homes and offices?

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I actually don’t have multiple hubs but I have defined my office as a second location so I can trigger things at home via geo fence. For example the girlfriend gets a notification when I left the office and am on my way home.


Exactly. You can have multiple locations without hubs and populate them with virtual devices (e.g. weather tile) or devices that don’t need a hub to communicate with SmartThings.

So, nobody using it for its intended purpose then.

@Ben can we reposrpose Locations to support sub-locations in a home?

Two responses to a thread hardly counts as ‘nobody’. I personally use them the intended and unattended way - I have a hub at home and one at my office. I also have another location setup even though it doesn’t have a hub to trigger events.

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Well it was 100% of responses at the time. What do you use your 2nd hub for?

I must admit I had not thought about using a hubless location, but it makes sense now…

So, you guys basically add a new location like work and set up the geofence, then add the same mobile phone presence to the new location, and it doesn’t interfere with the reporting of the same phone at the other location?

I guess it can be useful (as long as ST is working properly) for arrival / departure reporting or actions, or to notify you before you leave home what the weather at work is like, or to set the thermostat at home when you leave work, etc.

[quote=“joylove, post:1, topic:6531”]
does anyone out there actually have multiple smart hubs in their homes and offices?
[/quote] Of course. Not only for home vs office but also cottages, friends and family homes. The need for an arrival sensor that can be paired with more than one hub seems obvious to be. Maybe ST should consider and alternative to Zigbee for the next generation of arrival sensor. I assume that the same restriction applies to Z-wave? I’d prefer short-range bluetooth over a a sensor that can handle only one location.

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May 2016. I too would like to set second location and be notified when presence sensor enters geofence but can’t figure it out. Do I need to set up my hub again when prompted? Smart app? Thanks

I added a new location from the app. On Android, open hamburger menu and touch the “V” next to your current location to expose the “+ Add New Location” menu item. That will let you name it and define the geofence. You can skip setting up the hub.

(Originally I added the location from the IDE and only used the app to define the geofence, but I later realized you can add the location from the app)

@jlv, thanks. I can add the location, and it’s geofence, but how to get notifications about the arrivals. Older GUIs had an alerts section…is that still available?

I haven’t done that yet, either. I was going to try setting it up tonight.

One way is to add a routine in the new location.
Add whatever title you want.
Under “what do you want to happen?” scroll all the way down to “additional settings” and select “Automatically Perform”.
Under “Automatically Perform”:

  • Select “Everyone Leaves”. You can then subselect which set of users in that location is “everyone”.
  • And the scroll down to “additional settings” and select “Send notifications to”.

I added a geofence location for the office and did this to send my wife a notification I’d left.
But I had only added 1 user (me). I had to add her as a second user to be able to send her the notification.

I had thought to send the notification via IFTTT, but it looks like I can only access devices from one location via the IFTTT integration.

Thanks. I actually figured it out about 2hrs ago. At least I figured one way (yet to be proven). The app “Notify Me When” seems to be the trick. As you said, the wife’s phone needs it’s own account and had to be added at each ‘location’. Then I installed 2 instances of the app for each location, 1 for arrivals and 1 for departure. I too found IFTTT to be highly unreliable for geofencing. IFTTT works great in some cases, my OnHub router triggers an IFTTT action with wifi connectivity changes 100%, but no good on geofence.

The Notify Me When app approach is untested (only configured in the last 2 hrs) and I have had a lot of difficulty with ST and cell phone based connectivity, but this seems right. If I have bad results over the next few days, I’ll post back.

Thanks again for reviewing

What I found is that I can just add my wife’s phone in the address book (My Contacts) in the 2nd location. Then I can send her a notification via SMS. Alternately, if I add her account there, I can notify her via a push notification.

How do you add the other phones to the other Locations?

I wanted to use my son’s school as a second location to alert me when he arrives or leaves. We use Life360, but we live so close to the school that it is pretty useless, as they allow a minimum diameter of 500 feet. Smartthings gets much smaller. Will this work?

I want to do exactly the same, can someone help. I added the school location to my account but i can only see my phone for that location how do I add other phones to that location ?

@kraig109, any more information per the previous replies, or do you just add similar (and hopefully overlapping) locations with the same name to each phone?

I set up My wife’s work as a secondary location for the same reason you did for your son as her work is quite distant.
While the Notify Me" Smartapp will work, I simply set up 4 custom rules for notification:

  1. She leaves Home (leaves the Home geofence I set up)
  2. She arrives at Work (enters the Work geofence I set up)
  3. She leaves Work (leaves the Work geofence I set up)
  4. She arrives Home (enters the Home geofence I set up)

Since I invited her phone to join mine and she set up her account everything on both phones is exactly the same and is shared.