ST Motion sensor is low range detection

I purchase two new version ST motion sensors from amazon. Although it was advertised it can detect motion as far as 15 feet away, both my units can only detect motion at 7 to 8 feet.

I also own the old ST motion sensor version which works well 15 to 20 feet.

I wonder if there is a hardware, software or driver issue in the new version?

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I got fed-up with ST motion sensors so I sold them back and bought one Zooz 4in1 that in addition adds humidity and lux sensor and I also bought just few days ago a GE Z-wave motion sensor. Autonomy is way above, Zwave is way more reliable in my experience. I am not sure about the range but you might have a try.

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Yours senses at 7-8 feet? Luxury! My 2014 Smartsense model now only detects motion if I physically touch the sensor. So with the help of CoRE it’s now a button that turns on a lamp. :grin:

lol it seems that ST motion sensor has a very bad reputation. I think I will return it due to false advertised feature :slight_smile:

This is interesting. My New sensor is sluggish to kick off my WebCore

None of the others are. I will have to test that theory.