ST Motion Sensor range issue

Hey all…I have one ST sensor in my hallway that has a range of about 20 feet…been working great for a few months now. I am now installing a second one and noticed that the range seemed extremely short(after measuring it came out to about 5 to 6 feet).

I have put both sensors next to each other and the first sensor still sees me at about 20 feet while the second one does not. Obviously it is not the placement that is an issue…is there any way to fix this?


HI @epicman I have a similar issue with a new sensor I bought about a month or two back. I need to take it back to the shop.

Looking at my other motion sensor and the new ones: I’ve realized there is a difference…The one that has the longer range seems to have a smother sensor, more opaque than the new ones that only have 5.5 feet or so.