ST + Mexico + WiFi Devices

Hi ST team :slight_smile:
That is my first post, and I really appreciate if you can help me with my concern.
As I said in the subject, I have a little troubles with ST in Mexico, let me start with my current condition.

I think to classificate the devices in 3 categories regarding my devices:
1.- local devices (z-wave & zigbee): ex. open/close door sensor, motion sensor, these devices are identified as local devices.
2.- WiFi devices with account link: ex. google home, logitech harmony. To add these kind of devices, you need to link the account since smartthings app, and after than everything is linked. (linked harmony account, google assisstant account since ST app and voila!
3.- WiFi devices with direct connection: ex. phiilips hue, d-link cameras. To add these kind of devices, you just need looking for new things and the things appears ready to sinc.

Well, my concern is in the last kind of devices, specific my philips hue bridge & my d-link camera DCS-5222L, according with all ‘step-by-step’ found in the internet, the process is the same: My home --> things --> add a thing. But it doesn’t works, because my things never appears as new things.
My things work properlty is an independent way, I mean, philips hue works since hue app & google home app; camera works since D-link app.

My problem is when I try to sinc all my devices.

Do you habe any idea to what is happen?

Thanks a lot

The Philips Hue Bridge LAN integration is an official integration, so I would just check with support. Once they get that working, it will probably help you figure out any issues with your other LAN devices.

Thanks Roberts, actually I think We can discard the LAN issues, in my current home, I already changed my internet supplier, so… I have different SSID, service, network etc etc etc… That is the reason that maybe consider another issue.

Sorry, I wasn’t saying it’s a LAN issue. Instead, I am saying that it’s an issue with your third category, which are LAN connected devices, not actually Wi-Fi connected devices. (The smartthings hub doesn’t have a Wi-Fi radio itself.)

And I was saying that since the Phillips hue bridge is an officially supported device in this category, you should let support help you get that one working first.

oh nice, sorry for the confusion :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll waiting for the support :slight_smile:

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