ST IR Blaster...Are ST Device Vendors Asleep at the Wheel?

I can’t believe some vendor hasn’t delivered an IR blaster device for ST. Ya, lots of people have rolled their own but come on! RF/IR isn’t going away anytime soon! Can’t some device manufacture get Logitech’s old remote Database and convert it for use for a IR and RF blaster for ST? Go fund me maybe?

There are a couple of IR blasters with SmartThings integration, is that what you’re asking? Device selection does vary by region, but you should still be able to find one.

For example, the SwitchBot minihub is available in both the US and the EU/UK at Amazon, Or you can buy it from the manufacturer site. I use this at my own house, you can find quite a bit of forum discussion of it. Frequently goes on sale for a few dollars off.

There are some other options as well, but I am tired today, so I will leave it to others to discuss the ones that they have.

What devices did you want to control? There are some IR blasters which are specifically for either ceiling fans, air conditioners, or AV equipment. For example Cielo Breeze makes a Thermostat which can work with air conditioners that have an IR remote and again has a manufacturer-provided smartthings integration that works quite well.

At the high end of the scale, I was just discussing the global cache options earlier this month, but that would be a bigger project. The switchbot works out of the box with a manufacturer provided-integration.

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Bond makes an IR blaster hub that is fully integrated with Smartthings and is popular. Perhaps a little research next time😉
Also if note, all 2021 Samsung TVs… QLED or better have built in IR blaster control in their ST apps and can ctrol almost any IR device using the the TV remote control


As @troy_owens noted, here is a device for IR

Here is an edge driver that supports a bunch of different Bond devices (fans, blinds, etc.)


We should probably also note that any device using an edge driver requires that you have a SmartThings/Aeotec hub. So that includes the bond via edge driver and one or two other options.

IR blasters that use cloud to cloud integration, including the Switchbot mini, Cielo Breeze, and the Bond Home integration available through the smartthings app, do not require that you have a hub.

Choice is good. :sunglasses:


I’ve done LOTS of research. I just did the other day find that switch-bot seems like a possible solution. I have 2 sitting on my desk to try.

I also 3 ESP8266 boards sitting on my desk while I research Arduino/ST integration to roll my own. But that sucks also.

So, research isn’t the issue, other than maybe the bait I used in the search, it isn’t an obvious device that’s available or communicated well for ST usage.

Never came up in my searches - Cielo Breeze, and the Bond

Im old, 63, and rich (lol) - I’ll bite. headed for a purchase.

Im expecting u personally to put the stamp on the package! LOL

Thank you. Your order has been received.

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The community-created wiki has an article on IR controllers. It does include all of the devices we’ve mentioned so far plus a few more.

So next time if you just start your research in this forum you can probably save yourself a lot of time. :sunglasses:

I don’t work for Bond. I just made a driver to support Bond devices locally on the Aeotec hub. You can use that driver or you can use the one directly available from Bond. The Bond version requires internet access for the cloud.


If you prefer local LAN control, but it requires flashing with 3rd-party Tasmota firmware, there are many IR & RF blasters to choose here.

And I have an Edge driver for Tasmota supported devices.

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Cool. :sunglasses: I have added this option to the wiki article on using IR devices with smartthings.

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Where’s your driver? I’m really new at this so I’m asking newbie questions. Thanks!

I’m assuming you mean the Bond driver for IR devices. It is compatible with the Bond Bridge and the Bond Bridge Pro.

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Adding to this conversation, as a warning: I’ve tried to integrate my Frigidaire Gallery smart air conditioner into my ST network by using the Cielo Breeze but had to return it because it didn’t support all of the control features of the air conditioner. If I remember correctly, it didn’t support fan speed and some other important controls, despite the a/c being on Cielo’s compatibility list. When I asked Cielo technical support about when the missing control features would be added, they gave me no definite solution for the foreseeable future.
I see there are other reviews on Amazon who mention similar problems, lacking support for features that Cielo claimed are functional.

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So does this Bond Device specifically control IR? I don’t see it calling out IR. Only RF.

From the product description at the link you posted:

The BOND can record and transmit RF (radio frequency) as well as IR (infrared) signals,

That said, be aware that the bond devices were designed for control of ceiling fans and window air conditioners, both devices which are vertically up off the floor. Community members both here and at bond have reported issues when trying to get them to control tower fans or floor standing humidifiers, or even some televisions, because the Bond’s IR signals are angled pointing upwards, unlike the IR blasters which were primarily designed for televisions.

IR is a line-of-sight protocol, unlike some of the others used in Home Automation which are Omni-directional. So relative placement matters a lot. :satellite:

So, as always, the details matter.