ST, Indigo, Z-Stick, etc

Okay, after fruitless efforts to find a way to get ST and Indigo talking, I gave up. (Indigo is a Mac-based home automation software package.) I bought a Z-Stick.

In short order, I had Indigo set up, communicating through the Z-Stick, and working. The first thing I added was the CT100 thermostat that ST refused to find. Setup in Indigo took about five minutes. Sweet. Same with Hue; after removing from ST, setup on Indigo was quick and painless.

Now that I have what I was after all along, a computer-based HA control center, here’s my question: Is there gonna be a way to have ST be useful? For example, can I use HAM Bridge to construct an Indigo trigger based on input from a ST multisensor? Or am I better off selling my ST hub and going exclusively Z-Wave through Indigo?

Anything in SmartThings can send a command to HAM Bridge. In turn, HAM Bridge (using an Applescript) instructs Indigo.

As for whether it’s worthwhile to keep SmartThings around, you’ll have to ask yourself if what it brings to the table that Indigo doesn’t is important to you. That would pretty much be:

More advanced conditional operation than Indigo’s rule building.

Seamless access to your HA from outside your LAN, with greater security than opening ports on your router.

Android device support (although this can be worked around with HAM Bridge and other apps).

Thx, Scott. That’s exactly the kind of answer I was hoping for, a straightforward mention of what ST might ADD to the equation. I like the enhancements you mentioned.