ST Hub v2 Edge Cannot Open Https Connection

I have a user trying to use an edge driver on ST Hub v2 (STH-ETH-250). It is able to use mDNS to find the devices on the network and get the IP address. However, it fails to make https calls to that IP with an error “Network is unreachable”. Are there known issues with this hub + Edge?

I have two ST v2 (STH-ETH-250) Hubs, and have been running Edge Drivers for Z-wave, Zigbee and Lan devices since the start of the Beta problem with no significant problems.

Are these drivers using a REST api or some other network protocol? http or https?

I don’t know. I am using @TAustin Shelly driver and @BarryA Kasa driver for WiFi devices over Lan. I also have a bunch of virtual devices using Lan.

For what its worth, I have an STH-ETH-200 and have had no problems.

Also, FYI, I’ve had a few folks with mesh networks experience issues. Can’t say that I know what the solution is, but some of them had to do some reconfiguring to get things working reliably.

Thanks. In this case, he is also using a Velop mesh network. I have also run into quite a few issues with the Eero mesh systems that required people to change their network configuration.