ST Hub incorporation with Harmony Ultimate?

(Gpajak) #1

Curious if there is any possibility of having the Logitech Harmony Ultimate remote to be able to control items through the ST hub? I use my phone to control things when not around my TV area, but when I am watching the tube the Harmony remote is king. At a minimum I would like to be able to control lighting with the Harmony remote, through the ST system. Right now the remote does work with the Philips Hue lights, but I’d prefer to do a lot more without having to grab my phone instead.

(Negative2) #2

I would love to see this. I did a search a while ago and didn’t see any developer tools released for this.

(Gilbert Chan) #3

You can do this using the IR Bridge using an Arduino custom build.


  1. Build and setup your Arduino, device type, smart app
  2. Create a new remote on your Harmony
  3. Place your Arduino with IR receiver near your Harmony Hub
  4. Record your IR signal from harmony to Arduino
  5. Set lights you want to turn on / off

This build does not allow you control modes without modifications. It’s configured to turn on / off lights.

Honestly, you can accomplish the same thing with an accessory switch that is much more reliable.

Link to IR Bridge Tutorial: