IR Remote for TV, Receiver, Etc

So I’ve seen Danny’s IR Bridge tutorial, but it doesn’t seem to use the IR Transmission functionality. @urman mentioned having built something like this at some point, I think.

Essentially, I’d like to build a SmartThings device using an Arduino+ThingShield+IR Receiver/Transmitter to create a learning universal remote.

Does anyone have advice on how best to do this? Has anyone already done it?

I can’t help you, but I will cheer you on!

There is some work being done on the Harmony Remote Hub and a basic API of sorts here:

Having an integrated IR blaster would truly allow ST to create a smart home.

Voice command to turn on stereo and then voice command to play specific music!

We’re working on the Harmony too!

That is amazing news. Sorry csader for hijacking your thread. I have been dreaming of integrating Harmony support ever since they came out with their smarthub. It was the best solution I saw for somewhat active device status feedback (just use the hub/remote/app and you will always know the current status, even with a second device).

Any update about this IR Remote ?
I have the idea that may work on ST ecosystem

Using Arduino Universal Learning Remote
We can setup the remote that we want to replace.
For example, we
want to clone Split AC system IR remote. We can capture IR ‘code’ from
every button on remote. And transmit the same IR code with infrared
transmitter that connect to Arduino.

After arduino IR remote can replace the AC remote, then we connect it to ST with Smartthings Arduino Shield.

For feedback, smart plug or any device that can measure the power
consumption. The amount of watt will be different when the AC is
operating or not, with this we can determine whether the AC is ON or

This is one example of Universal Learning IR Remote