ST - Harmony - Jasco plug in dimmer/switch


I’m new to ST and have a variety of devices I’m working with. I’ve successfully integrated my Harmony remote and am able to control my WeMo switches with no problem. I am now trying to add a Jasco ZWave plug in dimmer switch so I can adjust the brightness in the room where we watch TV.

I have two of the Jasco devices tied into the ST hub (v2) and can control them through the app and Echo. I’ve synced my remote after adding these modules but can’t figure out why they aren’t showing up like the WeMo switches.

Any direction on what I may be missing is appreciated!

In Harmony app you need to add device > smart home > Smartthings, login and follow instruction to link the accounts and expose your smartthings devices to Harmony.

Thanks @jg506,

I have been able to link the accounts and am able to see my WeMo switches but cannot see the Jasco Z-Wave devices. I see them in my SmartThings app, but when I sync my remote, I can see other changes (I changed the name of one of my WeMo switches just to make sure changes are being reflected) there are still no Z-Wave devices listed.

I’m wondering if Z-Wave devices will only show up if I add the Harmony Extender, or if there is a way to get them recognized without adding another piece of hardware.

The harmony extender adds a z-wave radio to your harmony setup. But you already have a z-wave controller in your ST hub, so I doubt that’s the issue.

Each time you add new devices in ST and you want them in Harmony too you have to go through account linking again and explicitly select the new devices. If go through linking again you’ll see that the Jasco switches are not selected.

Thanks, I think I got it now. I ended up completely removing the SmartThings device through the Harmony tool and re-added it. Now when I re-added it, the dimmer was available to choose. Now I can adjust the brightness from the remote.

It took me a while to figure out the best method but thought I’d put the step by step here for anyone else now that I got it (at least with the current Harmony software).

Each time I add a new device to the SmartThings hub that I want to control through my Harmony remote, I do the following:

  • Log into the harmony software on my computer.
  • Choose the remote I’m adding the device to (if you have more than one Harmony remote)
  • Select Devices on the left side
  • Select the Home Control tab, then SmartThings
  • Choose "Refresh/Re-Login
    I needed to attach my remote through the USB and let it update

So far, the remote will only show two types of devices - sensors, lights and plugs. Except for sensors, everything I have added so far has defaulted to plug. In order to change the device type on the remote, I have only found this capability in the Harmony smartphone or tablet app.

To change the device type:

  • Open the Menu and go to Harmony Setup
  • Add/Edit Devices and Activities
  • Devices
  • SmartThings
    From there you can expand the Plugs or Lights, choose the one you want and select what type of device you want it to show up as. Once you have changed the selection, it will show up under that tab from then on.
    When you are done, the remote will need to be synced again to reflect the changes.

This may be remedial to a lot of the folks here but was hard won information for me!