Help mapping ST device to harmony remote button

I have a Z-Wave dimmer attached to my smartthings hub. I’ve successfully linked the ST hub and Harmony hub and vice-versa - they both see each other.

In the Harmony Android app, I can drill down to my dimmer and control it. It’s a bit laggy, but it works.

What I was really hoping to do, and half the reason I bought the ST Hub, is to control the dimmer with my Harmony remote. I was hoping to map the Channel up/down buttons for this purpose. However, when I try to map them in the Harmony app, the home automation devices don’t show up as options. It would be a step in the right direction if I could just turn the light on/off.

I believe the specific Harmony device I have is the “Smart Control” consisting of Remote N-R0005 and Hub O-R0004

This thread seems to suggest it’s possible, but doesn’t actually say how.


The smart remote looks like this:

It doesn’t offer dimming control of home automation devices.

Instead, you need the “harmony home companion” remote, which has additional buttons (the ones with orange icons) specifically for dimming lights:

There are other ways to do it with harmony activities that turn on virtual switches that trigger routine or rules in smartthings which then controls the lights, but it’s a lot more work to set up.

If anyone is interested in a slightly used remote that JD mentions above, PM me! Used it for a week or so and sitting in my basement for months. Neither me nor missus can see the buttons in the dark! :wink:

JDRoberts - thank you. I was kind-of afraid of that. Can you point me toward how to implement the work-arounds?

Is there a list somewhere of the Harmony remotes that CAN directly control home items? E.g. can the Ultimate Remote?

smart - I know what you mean about the dark buttons. I’m not quite ready to upgrade. That will be a hard pill to swallow if the appearance is that Logitech has simply crippled a perfectly good remote to force upgrades.

The harmony home companion is also available in white, or at least it used to be.

That model (white or black) is the only one that has the special buttons for controlling home automation devices. All the other models just use the harmony activities.

As far as workarounds, try asking in the following thread. Those are the people using the official SmartThings integration, so they should have ideas.

I have 2 white and one black. The white get very dirty but are easier to find :slight_smile: @smart is right about buttons not lighting up, and I regret getting one of those in the bedroom. For the living room and fireplace room, they are good though.

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Really, not even the Ultimate Home?

Ultimate homes are ok and the ones I use! Overpriced though!

Doesn’t have the extra home control buttons that meet your original requirement: dim a Z wave light switch from a button on the remote.

You cannot map “home control” devices like lights to regular harmony buttons. Only to the special buttons on the home companion remote.

You can always use activities as a workaround as we mentioned.

Harmony Elite also has home control buttons.

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Couldn’t agree more. I was never a big fan of touch screen tv remote controls as they are too sensitive, especially with 2 little kids running around. I also felt if you needed a fancy remote control, use the app on the phone, it’s virtually the same screen. The only advantage the fancy remote has is for guests when the physical remote activity fails and you have no idea how to fix it. Then again, my guests would be clueless with the fancy touch screen as well :slight_smile:


Activities seem to be a lot of overkill here. I currently have 3 activities set up. Turn on TV, Turn on Chromcast and Turn on Apple TV. All of them power up TV, Receiver, Tivo ( for TV), Apple TV then switch receiver to proper output to my TV. All output from TV goes through same HDMI. Everything works and TV goes to last channel that was used. (that I believe is a TIVO Configuration option). What I cannot do is simpler things. I woud love to tell Alexa to Switch to CNN or MUTE Receiver or Skip Commercial ( button on Tivo) I know all this can be done by pressing a button on my Iphone through Harmony interface, but I need a simpler way to have this done leaving the power/inputs/ and other activitiy actions alone. Any one doing thiese?