ST going Haywire

Has anyone been noticing ST going crazy?

Ever since the Outage, My system has been acting up. My Phones either don’t trigger mode changes or trigger them really late. My Sonos speakers are at full volume for voice prompts (even though they are set to 35% volume), My house changed modes on it’s own while we were sleeping (from home to away). All this stuff happens on and off. it’s very unreliable and frustrating. I had to completely delete any security things because ST kept tripping them.

I have not seen such behavior. Your case could be a outlier. Did you contact support?

yeah. and I have yet to hear back.

I assume you already rebooted your hub by removing batteries ?

I’ll give that a shot.

I have a v1 hub. No battery backup. But I did pull the plug. I’ll see if that has any effect.