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Hey Kevin,
Thanks for all your hard work
Came back here after a year to see if ZSE40 has temp and humidity offsets available.
Reading through thread I see you had updated driver to include these settings
I tired multiple times to exclude, reset, re add the ZSE40…even using web not just app
Don’t see offset settings available.

Something I’m missing?


Are you on a firmware that supports accessing the parameters?

ZSE40 700 (released 3/2022)

Firmware: 1.10

  • Firmware version changed to 1.10 to follow new naming convention for device firmware files
  • Added parameters 9 and 10 for temperature and humidity offset settings (see all settings here)

I apologize if I missed this but I’m trying to add the zse42 to my v2.0 smartthings hub and have a couple of questions.

I did a basic include and it seems to work right, except sync status constantly says “4 pending changes”. I even excluded it and added it back with no change, as well as setting one of the parameters. The “4 pending changes” will not go away.

That said, the basic include worked but then it said it wasn’t secure, asked me to scan the QR code and I tried but it said it didn’t recognize the QR code. And there is no DSK number on the device itself (or in the docs) to get a pin code. I thought S2 worked on these - or am I wrong? If so, anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

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What you’re seeing is normal! The ZSE42 is a battery operated device and, therefore, is what is sometimes called a “sleepy” device. I have one of them in my basement and observed the same thing when I first set it up.

When a “sleepy” device eventually wakes up, it checks in with the hub with its current battery status (how much charge is left in the battery). At that time–which can be as much as 24 hours–it also will pick up configuration changes. The whole idea is to conserve battery life. If it talked with the hub more frequently, the battery would soon end up depleted and require replacement.

So, wait a day or so and you should see the pending changes status go away!

Note: it is also important with devices such as the ZSE42 to have a good, strong connection back to the hub. Otherwise, the battery will get depleted sooner, as the device goes through re-transmission of its info to the hub. In my case, the first battery didn’t last a month! After putting in an in-wall switch to control the basement lights about 10-12 feet away from the water sensor–and re-pairing the ZSE42 with the hub once it was in place–the battery has lasted over 5 months to date, although the battery status now says 40%. I was also able to pair it with S2 level security, which I couldn’t do before. Anecdotally, I’ve heard S2 uses more battery life–but have not tried any experiments in battery longevity since the last pairing…


Hey everyone! I recently started upgrading my switch firmware and unlocked the multi-tap scene control options. None of them work though. I don’t see a double-tap registering in the switch history at all, but the scene works as expected when run manually. I’m using Zen72s and Zen77s.

Ahhh nvm. I see now that I had to enable Scene Control in the individual devices settings.

@krlaframboise this may be of some interest to you. I talking with @nayelyz about this. https://community.smartthings.com/t/icons-not-animating/238176/12?u=jake_mohl maybe this can be incorporated into your driver as well.

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Is anyone else using the Zooz drivers affected by the fan icon not being animated?

None of my fan icons seem to animate like they used to. Whether it’s my Keen Vents, virtual switches, zooz relay switches, or stock ST driver switches: the fan icon no longer animates in the ST app.


I have ZEN77 dimmer switches using the edge driver from this channel. When I create an automation, the SmartThings app gives me the option of using “Toggled up 3x” as a trigger. But it doesn’t seem to work. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to exclude and re-add the device?

Did you turn on scene control in the settings?

That was it, thanks! Never would’ve guessed that was what would enable those events.